martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Summer abroad? why not?

In SENAI we have always been quite enthusiastic about travelling and discovering new places, new people, new things. Therefore, for us the question: "summer abroad?" has only one possible answer, and is a big, bold YES.
Nevertheless, we know and understand, that not everybody feels the same way about leaving his/her home country, with this post we will try, not only to encourage those insecure, but also to give you different possibilities and ideas for your summer abroad and how to plan it.

So, you would like to go abroad during your holidays period, wouldn't you?, what for?. When planning a summer abroad there are several options:
  • Volunteer programs
  • Language courses
  • Summer school programs hosted by universities
  • The shake of travelling and visit a new place
All of them are more than valid but you need to choose the type of summer you'd like to have. The last one would be a more leisure option while the first three can bring you not only the experience but a nice new line on your CV.

And of course, you need to choose the country...the world is a big place and the possibilities are endless. There's always an unknown city, an interesting project to collaborate with, or a beautiful landscape you can take picture of. You should choose according to your interests and the type of summer you like. For example, if you want to improve your English skills, the smartest choice would be to study a language course on an English speaker country. On the other hand, if you are looking for to get some extra credits you should check the different summer programs some universities offer.

These are basic decisions you have to take, but the work is far from done. Of course, you can work out your summer on your own, but sometimes things get a bit more complicated than expected when going to a foreign country and it's easier to ask for help. Some people feel more confident when a specialist is supporting and helping with the application process.

In SENAI we promote exchanges between Spain and Southeast Asia, meaning that if you are living in SEA and want to learn (or improve your) Spanish or take a summer course in a Spanish University you are a "click" away to get our help. Same applies the other way around, are you a Spaniard willing to go to SEA for voluntary work or summer schools? drop us an email, with some help it can be easier than you think.

whatever you do, enjoy your holidays!